Testimonials from Past Serve Days

Mural at the Portland Rescue Mission, painted by George Fox students and staff.Portland Rescue Mission
"I can't tell you enough how much your support means to us at Portland Rescue Mission!

The George Fox University Serve Day turned out to be an especially meaningful day at the Burnside Shelter. We always look forward to Serve Day yearly because thousands of students and faculty serve all over the metro area, including a great group at Shepherd's Door, and we get lots of work done. No exception this year.

The George Fox group, led by Tim Timmerman, left a permanent blessing to our culture and facility at Burnside. Tim and some seniors from the art department, took the ugliest wall in the entire Mission and made a beautiful mural that absolutely blew us all away! This room is the men's recreation room/library and has brick walls and a huge water tank dominating the room on one side and electrical panels on the other side.

After the students spent their time over the weekend and holiday planning, on Wednesday that ugly wall blossomed into a tranquil lake with a majestic tree, eagles and a feeling of walking in the majestic beauty of the Pacific Northwest. It is anointed with the love of God and conveys that clearly. It made my heart look toward heaven, to the hand of our Mighty God. He SO loves us and brings everything we need: healing, hope, recovery, and the necessities of food and shelter.

There is even a whimsical fox as a signature, and a couple of playful mice in the furnace room, which bring an automatic smile to every face that passes that way.

Many donors and volunteers bring the physical and financial things we need at the Mission, but this group brought the creative, emotional experience of gratitude to help all of us experience God's love and grace on an emotional, limbic, spirit level.

Words can never express how grateful we are for this mural, a living tribute to God's love for the lost and hurting expressed through the hearts and hands of the students from George Fox University. Thank you, Tim and team, for providing everything needed to make this dream come true. You have truly and lastingly blessed our clients and staff. God bless your year with every blessing imaginable."

Faith in Action: The Apple Story
Five students visited and helped an elderly woman at her house with window washing and yardwork. But their impact went beyond performing chores. When it was time for them to go, they sat down with her for a little while to visit while they waited for their ride to come and pick them up.

The students hung on every word as she began to tell them the story of how she and her husband used to live in the old house on the George Fox campus next to the old hospital. Her family lived there for 40 years and planted many of the surrounding trees that still exist in the yard. She told the students that she and her son planted the apple tree while he was just a boy and that it still provides bounties of apples each year.

One of the student's eyes lit up when she told him of this tree. He told her that he eats an apple from this tree every day, and that in his opinion they are the best apples in the world. He also went on to say that he was not the only one that enjoyed her apples. The woman could not believe that her apple tree was now a famous spot for poor starving students to stop by and get a free snack. The students talked a little while longer, and then they all hugged her and told her thank you for the nice visit.

The next afternoon, the woman got a knock on her front door and, much to her surprise, three of the five students were standing on her doorstep. They told her that they had a surprise for her. The boy had handpicked a basket of her apples for her, and one of the girls had made her applesauce from her apples. The woman began to cry with happiness. She was so touched by the students and had never been shown such a kind gesture.

Local School District
"I sit in front of a computer screen trying to find the words of gratitude which best express our thanks for the hours of hard work you freely gave to the children of this community. I fear I'm struggling to free them from my heart and generate something, which both makes sense and clearly articulates the appreciation we feel. What you did can't be measured in simple terms of 'this was painted' or 'this was trimmed back.' To give of one's self, to share, to reach out is to celebrate the good in man and permeates a sense of good will and belonging to the students we communally serve."

Juliette's House
"Thank you so much for the wonderful work you did at Juliette's House. It looks beautiful! We were very impressed with your positive attitudes, willingness to take direction and complete tasks, but you went far beyond what we asked you to do. How exciting to be with such gracious young people (and older ones too), even for only a day! You have spoiled us. Please come again."

Parent of former and current George Fox student
"Unless you were age 84, unable to do yard work any more (on a cane), seeking another lawn-cutter, you couldn't know HOW MUCH IT MEANT TO ME TO HAVE YOUR SERVE DAY students do such an excellent job of cleaning my lawn! I shall continue to eulogize FOX to whoever will listen!"

Center in Sherwood
"Every now and then, more often than we can see, God sends angels to help us through the tough times. Your students and employees in Group 41 were our angels for a day. The amount of energy, positive can-do attitudes of all who were here was an incredible experience for all of us. Your university is a shining example of what people can do when they reach out to others. Thank you for sharing all your talents and gifts with us on your service day. Thank you, also, for your incredible spirit."

Spreading bark dusk on Serve Day.Church in McMinnville
"Once again the students and faculty from George Fox have exceeded our expectations. We planned multiple projects for Serve Day and we completed what we had hoped for. The crew of workers cleared shrubs, rebuilt flower beds, weeded over an acre of beds and spread 66 yards of bark dust, as well as cleaning out storage areas and trips to the recycle yard and landfill. We thank you again for this excellent program and the students you bring to our community."

Yamhill County
"Another great Serve Day with a great group of girls and their leader. They are will workers and do a good job, whatever the task. Again they did yard work around all the museum buildings, painted, took out 50-year-old carpet from the church, and vacuumed and shampooed (newer) carpet at the log building. I'm sure the highlight of the day was the job of washing old saddles and other horse stuff which had assorted stuff on them. Great job - look forward to next year."

Newberg For-Profit Organization
"We want to thank George Fox students and administration for all the hard work they did on Serve Day. Rick Muthiah and the young men from Pennington Hall did wonders with our concession stands and bleachers and it feels so great to work there now. This is the second year I have worked with young men from George Fox on Serve Day and I really appreciate what you do."