Leslie Wuest, PhD, MSW

Assistant Professor of Social Work

Leslie Wuest

I feel blessed to be able to work in a Christian environment with students who are eager to make a difference in the world. I spent the first 20 years of my social work career as a clinical social worker helping children and their parents, before the Lord brought me to academia. I started teaching part time while in graduate school and found that I really enjoyed both the interaction with students and the challenge of preparing classes. I have taught at George Fox since 2010 and am committed to an ongoing development of interesting classes where students learn the knowledge, values and skills they need to be good social workers.

Academic Background

PhD, Social Work and Social Research, Portland State University (2009)
MSW, University of Georgia (1980)
BA, Social Psychology, Occidental College (1976)

Research Experience

I love research! My dissertation examined factors associated with the inclusion of spirituality in classes throughout the social work curriculum at secular schools of social work. At Portland State, I worked on program evaluation research for a local grief support agency and assessment of a novel approach to parent education in a Head Start program. I also participated on research teams looking at the issues of chronic depression and the needs of families caring for children who have chronic emotional needs.

My latest project is a study looking at the factors related to student choice of a major for students in social work, education and nursing. The results will help us advise students who feel called to help others but are unsure which major is the best fit for them.

Teaching Focus

SWKG 570- Social Work Values & Ethics: Spirituality & Religion

SWKG 576, 577- Foundation Field Internship

Outside the Classroom

In my spare time I enjoy taking food and friendship to folks downtown through the HOTEL ministry at my church. I love worshiping God in the fellowship of believers and cherish my quiet times with him where the Lord gives me strength and wisdom for my days. I love listening to TED talks and Tim Keller, going for walks with friends, and learning golf.

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