Welcome to Thriving



Thanks to the generous funding of the Lilly Endowment, Inc., the Institute for Pastoral Thriving is a fully funded opportunity for pastors to be encouraged and equipped to thrive. Each year, the institute will select applicants to fill two cohorts of up to 12 pastors for a period of one year. Each year one general cohort will be selected as well as one specialized cohort. Applicants will have the opportunity to select their preference of the two current cohorts in their application.

Cohorts will convene each spring in Cannon Beach, Oregon, for four days and three nights. Specialized cohorts will convene each spring for four days and three nights in a demographically fitting setting. Each fall symposium will be conducted in Portland, Oregon.

Pastors who apply and are accepted into one of the Thriving cohorts are expected to participate in a spring cohort for two consecutive springs as well as a fall symposium day in October (ex. May 2020, October 2020, May 2021). All members will be paid a stipend for the cohort gatherings and will have all expenses covered for travel, lodging, meals, educational expenses and entertainment while gathering with the cohort.

Members will also receive resources throughout the year to aid in their personal thriving. Only accepted applicants will be eligible to attend and participate in cohort gatherings. Pastoral couples are welcome to individually apply to participate in a cohort.



Previous Cohorts: (2018-23)

  • General Pastors Cohort
  • Asian Pastors Cohort
  • Spanish Speaking Pastors Cohort
  • General Pastors Cohort
  • Women Pastors Cohort
  • African American Cohort