Planned Giving Options

Charitable bequests (will or living trust)
Gifts by will or living trust for the benefit of George Fox University may be for a specific dollars amount, a percentage of the total estate, or the residual amount (amount leftover after all expenses have been paid). Specific bequest language for a gift to George Fox University.

Retirement assets
Retirement plan assets (IRAs, 401(k), TSAs, etc.) may be the best way to make a gift to George Fox University . The funds can be transferred to the university by adding George Fox as either a primary or contingent beneficiary of the account. As a direct distribution at your passing, these funds will not be subject to estate tax or to income tax, and consequently, the entire balance will be preserved for George Fox University . In some cases gifts of retirement funds during your life may be beneficial.

Charitable gift annuities
Charitable gift annuities through George Fox University can provide you with a reliable, consistent stream of income for life while also benefiting the ministry of George Fox. The amount of the annual payment is based on age of the income beneficiaries at the time of the gift (older the recipient, the larger the payout rate) and the date when the payments begin. Part of the income may be tax-free. Annuity payments may begin immediately or may be deferred for a period of time as part of your retirement planning. $5,000 minimum

Charitable remainder trusts
The charitable remainder trust in one of the tax-advantaged ways you can contribute to the future of George Fox and increase your current income. Charitable remainder unitrusts are especially advantageous for appreciated assets and real estate. A unitrust provides a variable income based on a percentage of the value of the trust assets as determined each year. Charitable remainder annuity trusts are excellent planning vehicles for older donors with appreciated stock. An annuity trust pays a fixed dollar amount each year to the income beneficiary.

Charitable lead trusts
A lead trust directs the annual income to George Fox University for a period of time, and then transfers the assets to heirs. The principal advantage of the most common form of lead trust is the ability to transfer assets to heirs while significantly reducing or even eliminating the gift and estate taxes on the value of the assets used to fund the trust.

Life estate gifts
A life estate gift is also called a gift of a remainder interest in a residence, vacation home, or farm to a charity. The gift is made by transferring the ownership of the property to George Fox University while you are living, and you retain the right to use the property for life. The donor receives a current income tax deduction for the gift that can be used to reduce one's current taxable income. A life estate involving your home may be combined with a charitable gift annuity to provide current income tax savings while enabling you to continue living in your home and also provide additional income through the gift annuity.

Life insurance
The need for life insurance changes over time. The ownership and beneficiary designation of a funded life insurance policy may be transferred to George Fox University . A gift of a current policy may enable the donor to turn a moderate monthly premium into a substantial gift.

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