This is Joy.

This is Joy.

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Traditional Undergrad | fall 2022

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There is joy

in thriving, in failing, in resting, in working, in faith, in doubt.

There is joy in connection, in being known.
There is joy in challenge, in standing tall.

This is joy. Rejoice.

Oregon’s Nationally Recognized Christian University

George Fox University

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Be Known

At George Fox, each student will be known –
personally, academically and spiritually.

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To Be Known

It’s the hope each student brings to the college experience. To be known by name. To be understood, valued, and encouraged.

At George Fox, to be known means that professors and staff connect with students in authentic ways – personally, academically, spiritually – recognizing that we all come to this place with different backgrounds, life experiences and dreams for the future. To be known means that students not only learn new ideas, they share their own. To be known means to be heard.

When students feel what it’s like to be known in this way, they become inspired. And that’s when real change happens. Knowledge moves from the mind to the heart. Careers turn into callings. Faith turns into action. And that’s why we begin with a simple promise, that each student will be known.

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Joseph Espero in his Black Panther costume

Future Career: Superhero

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Maddie and a campus security guide high-fiving

My Be Known Story

Maddie was feeling anxious about her first big presentation, until an unexpected visit from a campus security guard helped calm her nerves.

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Be Known.