Walker Orr

Walker Orr, PhD

Assistant Professor



The university welcomed an alumnus, Walker Orr, as an assistant professor of computer science in 2018. He made the transition to full time at the university after teaching on an adjunct basis in 2017-18, when he taught introduction to computer science courses. Orr also gained higher education experience working at Oregon State University for eight years as a researcher and teaching assistant.

Prior to teaching at George Fox, he was a research assistant at Johns Hopkins University (2013-14) and a research intern at BigML in Corvallis, Oregon (2011). He gained industry experience as a software engineer for Net Result North America in Seattle (2007-10). Orr recently completed the doctoral program at OSU, where he specialized in studying artificial intelligence and machine learning, with a focus on natural language processing.

He also holds a PhD from Oregon State University (2019), a master’s degree in statistics from OSU (2015), and a bachelor’s degree in computer science from George Fox (2007).