A Day Without Tuition

Last week, Alumni Relations and Bruin Heritage Society (our student alumni association) sponsored Tuition Freedom Day. This brand new event was designed to educate students about the importance of philanthropic giving to George Fox University. The message was simple: Tuition does not cover the full cost of their education. Whether realized or not, every student at George Fox is helped by those who give to the university.

Tuition Freedom Day symbolically represents the last day that students “pay” for their education this year. It is a celebration of the generosity of George Fox supporters and an opportunity to reflect on the impact they make on every George Fox student.

Alumni, parents, and friends of George Fox faithfully fund scholarships, building projects, new programs, equipment, and the university’s endowment fund. To be sure, the cost of attending college is considerable, and students and their families shoulder a significant majority of this cost. At the same time, if not for the generosity of George Fox donors, tuition would rise sharply. Our hope is that this event would help students not only understand the magnitude of this philanthropy, but also the impact it has on them personally.

As part of this celebration of philanthropy, students were asked to reflect on the impact donors have had on their George Fox experience by completing the sentence below using Twitter. Here are just some of the responses:

“Thanks to the generosity of George Fox University donors …”
… I get to be a third generation student at George Fox!!!
… I get to go to a school where twice a week campus shuts down for chapel.
… I will not be in quite as much debt when I graduate!
… God is growing me spiritually and mentally through George Fox University!
… I’m the first in my family to attend college.
… I’m able to get a top education while being immersed in a diverse culture that spiritually enriches my life. Thank you for my support!
… I have scholarships based on more than just grades to help pay this very large tuition.
… I am able to have an amazing education, pursue my passions, and have a wonderful college experience.
… I can afford the opportunity to have small class sizes and a Christian-based education.

Reading these comments, I was overcome by the generosity of our many supporters and also for our students’ deep gratitude for the investment that these supporters make in them and this place.

Robby Larson
Director of Alumni Relations