Whether we realize it or not, we all influence people – either positively or negatively – in the big and small decisions we make in our personal or professional lives. The way we treat people, show our character and live out our core values can have a direct and indirect impact on those we cross paths with on a daily basis.

The mission at George Fox University states we are a Christ-centered community that prepares students spiritually, academically and professionally to think with clarity, act with integrity and serve with passion. Our hope is that your time at Fox not only prepared you to be a leader in your sphere of influence, but that you also acquired skills to be a lifelong learner who’s engaged in the refining process God has specifically for you.

I’ve recently been challenged to reexamine how I influence and lead people. What am I doing well and what are some areas for growth? Are there aspects of passivity in my leadership where God is asking me to be courageous? These questions have caused me to take intentional and difficult action steps that have been key aspects of refining my character. All of these things impact my personal and professional life, as well as the influence I have on people.

Have you taken time recently to assess how you are influencing the people around you? Have you asked God to examine your heart and help you see areas where you need to grow? Who are the people in your life whom you are influencing? Wherever you are in your journey, I hope and pray God will meet you in a powerful way as you develop and change. May He direct your steps and bless your life.

Mark Pothoff
Dean of Community Life
GFU Alumnus