What Could Be Better Than New Shoes?

When I was a little girl, new shoes were a big deal. We’d barely make it to the car and those new shoes would be on my feet. Sometimes, I would be permitted to wear them out of the store. Either way, once we arrived home, I would dance and parade around in my new shoes, testing out the clip-clop sound on the kitchen floor or their speed as I raced down the hall. My mother drew the line when I would attempt to sleep with them. After much protesting, I would relent, delicately placing them in the box and setting it as close to my bed as possible. Needless to say, new shoes had a special effect on me – and they still do – only as an adult, I don’t sleep with them on!

Similar excitement surfaced in Career Services this summer as we experienced a series of “new” things. First, we moved into a new space on campus. Instead of climbing the stairs to the second floor of Stevens Center, you will see us the moment you walk through the front doors. Upon arrival in our new space on the first floor, our friendly office staff will greet you as they assist you in scheduling an appointment or directing you to relevant resources. Our new space features comfortable seating, bistro tables with chairs, and technology for group presentations. Also, included in our new space is a centralized carrousel of computers that allow you to complete online assessments, search for open positions, and access our new software system – BruinCareers!

BruinCareers is a Web-based interface that allows students and alumni to create a profile, register for Career Services events, manage a customized job search, and connect directly with employers. As technology advances and the job market becomes increasingly more competitive, we wanted to offer a more sophisticated way to advertise and access open positions. Whether you are looking for a job for yourself or seeking qualified applicants to fill a position in your company, we invite you to check it out.

As usual, students and alumni can access BruinCareers through “MyGFU.” Employers may gain entry from our new Career Services website (careers.georgefox.edu). The Web continues to be a valuable source of information and guidance for the process of career development. Via the Web, you can engage in the process at whatever stage best suits your needs. Whether it is taking assessments like Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), practicing interviewing skills using Optimal Resume, or researching graduate school information, there is something for everyone.

As you browse the new Career Services website, you might also notice that we are touting a new tagline, “Engage in Career Services, Envision Your Best Future!” This statement represents the impact Career Services can have on those individuals who come see us. We sincerely hope that you will continue to invest in your best future by taking full advantage of the services and resources we offer to alumni. One thing that isn’t new is our commitment to empowering you with information and opportunities to pursue meaningful and productive careers.

With the start of a new academic year, we are excited to share these new things with you, too. Considering what they represent in regard to your future, new shoes pale in comparison. Contact us today to schedule an alumni consultation and explore what’s in store for your future!

Angela J. Doty, MA, GCDF
Associate Director of Career Services