Tis the Season

This time each year there are three things that almost always happen. We gather with friends and family to celebrate the birth of Christ and the coming of a new year. Spending time with these people is a natural way to celebrate and provides the perfect setting for the other two things to occur. As the calendar flips from one year to the next, we reflect on the past – how we’ve grown, our favorite memories, and what we’re thankful for. And at the same time, we look with excitement to what the future holds and dream. Interestingly enough, it is these same three things that form the core of our Alumni Relations program.

One of our greatest desires is to bring our alumni together, either in person or through the use of technology. In the coming year, it is our goal to continue to provide alumni with opportunities to connect with George Fox friends, old and new. We will offer even more first-rate events in more areas, enhance our options for professional networking, and better utilize technology to increase engagement. Watch your mailbox over the next few weeks for a mailing that describes some of the ways that we hope to keep you connected.

Just like at family gatherings at Christmas, there is always plenty of reminiscing when alumni connect with one other. Regardless of which program, decade, or campus you attended, there is a shared camaraderie that exists between all George Fox alumni that results in the sharing of stories about favorite professors, most impactful courses, and all that occurred outside the classroom with other students. These stories are an important part of our history, and hearing alumni share them is one of my favorite things about my job.

Often times sharing stories from the past leads to discussions of the present and future. That is certainly the case at George Fox. As you think about and share your George Fox story, my hope is that you will have opportunity to connect your experiences with those of current students. The university continues to make an impact in lives of students, and hearing directly from students is the best way to see your alma mater at its best. I encourage you to find ways to meet and engage with our students whether at an event, by volunteering to speak in a class, or by visiting campus.

In just over a month, you have the opportunity to do all of this – connect with other alumni and students, reminisce about your time at George Fox, and dream about its future – at Bruin Madness on Feb. 5. I hope to see you there!

Happy New Year!

Robby Larson
Director of Alumni Relations