Alternative Credit

Students may reduce the number of necessary courses and add flexibility to their programs through one or more of the following options.

College Level Examination Program

The Educational Testing Service of the College Board provides nationally recognized standardized testing through which college credit may be earned or course proficiency verified. This is the College Level Examination Program (CLEP). Testing through the CLEP General Examinations is designed to verify competency in general education. Tests may be taken in five areas for a maximum of 32 semester hours of credit. Testing through the CLEP Subject Examinations provides verification of competency in selected academic fields such as foreign language, mathematics. These may be taken at any time (unless concurrently or previously enrolled in an equivalent course) and assume competency has been gained in nonclassroom settings. See the registrar for details and test applications. The tests are administered by the registrar, as authorized by the College Entrance Examination Board, which sponsors the examinations.

Prior Learning Assessment

Credit may be earned by submission of qualified non-collegiate training. Credit may also be earned via learning demonstrated through carefully constructed Life Learning Essays. Please see the Prior Learning Assessment section of this catalog.

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