Students who complete degree programs at George Fox University are encouraged to participate in one of the commencement ceremonies held each year. The university holds a combined ceremony at the end of the fall semester and those students who have completed programs from the prior summer and fall are eligible to participate. The spring ceremonies are available for those students completing their programs that semester. Regardless of semester of completion, students are only eligible to participate in (and have their names in the program for) one ceremony.

Academic regalia will be provided for all student participants in the commencement ceremony. No external regalia will be allowed. Only regalia for officially recognized activities and honors should be worn.

Participation in Commencement with Incomplete Program Requirements

Traditional undergraduate students may request to participate in spring commencement if they are within four hours of meeting all degree requirements. All such remaining hours must be completed during May Term at George Fox University and requires that students are registered for the remaining hours at the time of the commencement ceremony. Hours completed at other institutions and transferred back to George Fox are not eligible.

Degree completion students may request to participate in fall or spring commencement if they are within six credit hours of completing all degree requirements and have arranged to complete the missing coursework through George Fox University course offerings before the end of the next semester following commencement. Undergraduate students wanting to petition to participate need to complete this form.

In cases involving exceptional circumstances, graduate students may be allowed to participate subject to department and registrar approval. Graduate students must be registered for and able to complete the remaining requirements during the following semester. Graduate students wanting to petition to participate need to complete this form.

Failure to Complete Incomplete Program Requirements

Commencement participation is based on students receiving passing grades at the time of the ceremony though final grades may be posted by faculty following the ceremony. In some circumstances, students may participate in the ceremony but later receive a failing grade for a course taken in the final semester. In such circumstances, students must retake the failed course and must do so within one calendar year from the commencement ceremony. Failure to do so will result in withdrawal from the university and may require the completion of additional program requirements at the time of readmission.
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