International Studies (INTL) Courses

INTL 200 Cultural Geography and Global Relationships
3 hours. A study of the world's cultural regions developed through the themes of location, human environmental relationships, movement, and regions, with emphasis on the interrelatedness of culture, physical, economic, historical, and political geography in creating the dynamic cultural landscapes existing today. (Identical to GEOG 200.)

INTL 230 Introduction to International Relations
3 hours. An introduction to the core issues and problems that affect the entire world, including threats to security such as war and terrorism, the rise of globalization, the persistence of inequality between rich and poor countries, and the degradation of the environment.(Identical to PSCI 230.)

INTL 275 Field Experience
1-3 hours. Supervised experience in the discipline including internships and practica required for professional programs. This introductory experience must have an on-site supervisor and/or a departmental instructor overseeing, designing, and evaluating the content of the course.
Prerequisite: instructor's permission.

INTL 285 Selected Topics
1-3 hours. An introductory seminar offered on an occasional basis addressing a current topic in the field that is of special interest to students and current faculty.

INTL 303 International Conflict and Peace
3 hours. Why do wars and conflicts occur and how do we prevent these? This course considers the causes of global insecurity (from wars between countries to transnational terrorism to genocide) and examines the various approaches to their resolution, including the creation of international institutions and military alliances. Special emphasis will be placed on the role of religion in global political conflict. (Identical to PSCI 303 and SOCI 303.)

INTL 310 Cultural Anthropology
3 hours. A comparative study of world societies and their ways of life. (Identical to SOCI 310.)

INTL 330 Introduction to the World Christian Movement
3 hours. The biblical basis and history of missions are considered, with a special focus upon the modern missionary movement of the last 200 years. (Identical to RELI 330.)

INTL 399 Cross-Cultural Study
3 hours. This course offers in-depth discipline specific cross-cultural study designed to enhance the intercultural emphasis of various academic majors. The course includes class meetings followed by travel to various locations throughout the world. Students will use core disciplinary knowledge to serve, learn and interact with other cultures. (Offered in May Term. Students must meet eligibility requirements.) Additional course fee is required.

INTL 440 World Religions
3 hours. A comparative study between Christianity and other prominent religions of the world, such as Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, and contemporary kinds of alternative religion. (Identical to RELI 440.)

INTL 461 International Trade
3 hours. An overview of international trade theory and its applications with respect to the direction of trade flows, determination of prices and volumes in international trade, the impact of tariffs and non-tariff barriers, and the role of bilateral and multilateral trade negotiations. Particular emphasis is given to the broader social impact of trade policy and patterns. (Identical to ECON 461 and SOCI 461.)
Prerequisites: ECON 201 Principles of Microeconomics.

INTL 462 International Finance
3 hours. An overview of international monetary economics including the balance of payments, foreign exchange rate, the globalization of financial markets and its implications, international macroeconomic interdependence and capital flows. Particular attention is given to multilateral financial institutions and reform of the global financial architecture. (Identical to ECON 462 and SOCI 462.)
Prerequisites: ECON 202 Principles of Macroeconomics.

INTL 475 Culture-Oriented Fieldwork
3-12 hours. Supervised experiences in a non-American culture.
Prerequisite: upper-division international studies majors or minors, and by permission.

INTL 485 Selected Topics
1-3 hours. An advanced seminar offered on an occasional basis addressing a current topic in the field that is of special interest to students and current faculty.

INTL 490 International Studies Senior Seminar
3 hours. Required of senior international studies majors, the course emphasizes the investigation of theoretical and current applications of interdisciplinary research in international studies. Students with a significant interest in international issues are welcome, with the consent of the instructor. A research paper based upon primary source materials is the main assignment of the course.

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