Semesters Off Campus: Course Disciplines

The following course disciplines are used by George Fox University to record coursework completed by students at approved programs:

Course Prefix Semester Off-Campus Program
AFSP Go ED. Africa Program
AMBX AMBEX Christian Exchange Program (Germany)
AMSP American Studies Program
AUSP Australia Studies Centre
CCSP China Studies Program
CMCP Contemporary Music Center
CSPB Belize Creation Care Study Program
CSPN South Pacific Creation Care Study Program
ECSP Semester in Ecuador Program
GEMP Go ED. Mekong Program
GRCE Semester in France Program
LAFS L.A. Film Studies Center
LASP Latin American Studies Program
MESP Middle East Studies Program
NYAM New York Center for Art and Media Studies
ORVI Semester in Orvieto, Italy
OXFD Scholars' Semester in Oxford
SASP South African Studies Program
SSSP Semester in Senegal Program
TRTY Semester in Spain Program
UGSP Uganda Studies Program
VUSJ Semester in Costa Rica Program (Universidad Veritas)
WAJC Washington Journalism Center
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