University Players Performance Summaries

2013-2014 Performance Summary

Highway 18

This year the Players explore stories of traveling down Highway 18 — who we are, where we go, and what we encounter along the way. Interwoven with music and masks, they tell stories from their own lives on their journeys toward identity. Their stories are told in three acts.

Act 1, Life: When we survey the road ahead and wonder which direction to take.

Act 2, Death: When our journey is interrupted and we are stopped in our tracks.

Act 3, Resurrection: When out of the rubble, new life begins.

Descriptions of some of the stories we'll tell:

  • Highway 18 - A trip to the coast with friends realigns everyone's priorities

  • Ave Maria - A school year comes to a close with one final Hail Mary

  • Faces - A grocery store clerk scans customers in search of her identity

  • Feathers - A bird teaches a young girl about accidents

  • Astronaut - A child dreams of being an astronaut

  • Loc'd - A young man's hair becomes tangled in his family

  • Land of Shame - A student learns that shame is not all it's cracked up to be

 2012-2013 Performance Summary

Enough Already!

The Players share a series of true stories from their lives - honest experiences that engage the challenge and humor of a Christian life. These stories are offered in four acts.

  • Act 1, Fear: Those dark and frightening spaces when we are paralyzed and trapped.

  • Act 2, Anger: When our boundaries are encroached upon, our lives are threatened, and our adrenaline kicks in.

  • Act 3, Sadness: When we are lost, empty, and alone.

  • Act 4, Joy: When by the grace of God the scales fall from our eyes and we can see clearly.

Learn more about us through the George Fox University Vimeo channel.