Study math at a Christian college where professors know you by name. Math majors at George Fox study the discipline at one of the top Christian colleges on the West Coast.

Mathematics may be one of the world’s oldest sciences, but it continues to play a vital role today – whether that be in a career directly related to mathematics or in the business world, where the use of quantitative skills are valued.

As a mathematics major at George Fox University, you will learn the mathematical theories, computational techniques, algorithms, and computer technology needed to solve engineering, economic, physics, scientific and business problems. And, in addition to your math classes, you will take a liberal-arts core of courses — all taught from a Christian worldview where faith is integrated with learning.

Many of our graduates become math teachers in high schools or colleges, while others pursue careers in the sciences. Regardless of what field you enter, you will be equipped to solve real-world problems in our technology-driven society.

For potential teachers, we provide excellent models as classroom teachers. Our potential math educators are exposed to both the content within the field and the pedagogical tools necessary to become excellent teachers of mathematics.

For graduates moving into either math-related areas or in general business settings, they will be able to use the quantitative tools of mathematics as well as the deductive thought processes to solve the problems they will face.

Request information about the mathematics major at George Fox University or apply now to begin your education at Oregon's Christian university, ranked as one of the top Christian colleges in the nation by Forbes.

What we offer …

  • Small classes

    Our small classes allow students to benefit from frequent one-to-one mentoring. The university’s 13.6-to-1 student-to-faculty ratio allows for plenty of personal attention.

  • Broad curriculum

    Students take a liberal-arts curriculum that helps broaden perspectives and contributes to an appreciation and understanding of all aspects of society. All classes are taught from a Christian worldview where faith is integrated with learning.

  • Faculty expertise

    Our professors are current in their fields and care about each student who comes through the door. Instructors are accessible both inside and outside the classroom.

  • Internships/job placement

    The Portland metro area provides plenty of opportunities for internships and job placements. Nike, Xerox and Intel are large employers in the region.

  • Global opportunities

    Nearly half of George Fox undergraduate students participate in an international experience. The university ranks among the top 60 out of 1,800 American colleges in study-abroad participation.

  • National recognition

    George Fox University is a Christian university classified by U.S. News & World Report as a first-tier regional university, and Forbes ranks George Fox among the highest Christian colleges in the country.

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