Secondary Education Specialization

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Specialization courses are a blend of face-to-face classroom meetings, online classes, and face-to-face/online hybrid classes. Summer classes meet at our Newberg campus (affordable housing is available for long distance students); spring and fall classes are taught online with a few evening/weekend classes.

MEd with Secondary Education Specialization Requirements

Foundations Core (5 hours - these courses must be taken at George Fox)

EDFL 670 Ethical Foundations in Education (3 hrs)
EDFL 671 Ethical Perspectives on Educational Leadership (3 hrs)
EDFL 703 Bibliographic Research and Writing (2 hrs)

Research Core (8 hours)

Complete the following course:
EDFL 704 Survey of Qualitative and Quantitative Research (3 hrs)

Select one of the following:
EDFL 706 Experimental Research Designs (2 hrs)
EDFL 707 Survey Research Designs (2 hrs)
EDFL 708 Program Evaluation Designs (2 hrs)
EDFL 709 Ethnographic Research Designs (2 hrs)
EDFL 710 Historical Research Designs* (2 hrs)
EDFL 716 Action Research Designs (2 hrs)
* Prerequisite(s) required for this course. Consult your advisor for more details.

Complete research hours with advisor and research project committee:
EDFL 711 Master's Project Proposal (1 hr)
EDFL 712 Master's Project Research (1 hr)
EDFL 713 Master's Project Presentation (1 hr)
EDFL 715 Master's Project Research II (1-4 hrs - optional: if project not completed while enrolled in EDFL 713)

Secondary Education Specialization (18 hours)

Complete 10 semester hours of content area courses:
This specialization is designed for the high school or middle school teacher desiring to take graduate courses in their individual teaching content area and to apply for a continuing Oregon teaching license. It requires a minimum of 10 semester hours of content area courses in the area of the inital teaching license. These courses would typically be taken as independent studies with a George Fox faculty member or transferred from another graduate institution.

Select 8 semester hours from the following restricted electives that support the secondary education specialization:
EDFL 500 Foundations of Teaching and Learning (3 hrs)
EDFL 501 Curriculum Development (2 hrs)
EDFL 502 Classroom Management (3 hrs)
EDFL 503 Classroom Assessment (3 hrs)
EDFL 505 Trends and Issues in Education (3 hrs)
EDFL 506 Research in Effective Teaching (3 hrs)
EDFL 536 Reading and Writing in the Content Areas (2 hrs)
EDFL 567 Library Media Practicum I: Early Childhood/Elementary (2 hrs)
EDFL 569 Library Media Practicum II: Middle School/High School Level (2 hrs)
EDFL 620 Technology in the Classroom I (2 hrs)
EDFL 625 Technology in the Classroom II (1 hr)


(5 hours from the EDFL curriculum or transfer hours)

Marc Shelton Program Contact:
Marc Shelton
Associate Professor, Educational Foundations and Leadership

Telephone: 503-554-2869

Photo of Gina Worley Admission Contact:
Gina Worley
Inquiry & Application Coordinator
Telephone: 503-554-6078

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