Student Union Building

The Student Union Building (the SUB) was built in 1958 and enlarged in 1968 and 1979. Heacock Commons was built in 1964-65, enlarged in 1979, and renovated and expanded in 1994.

This building is the hub of student activity on campus, housing student government offices, the Bruin Store, some student mailboxes, the Esther Klages Dining Hall, the Cap and Gown Rooms, the Bruin Den and Bruin Bites Cafe, and facilities for the yearbook, newspaper and campus radio station.

Fun Facts:

  • The dining hall is nicknamed "The Bone," after "Bon Appétit," which runs it
  • During the 2013-14 academic year, the Bruin Den underwent renovation that included the removal of a fountain in the dining area and the opening of a new cafe, Bruin Bites, in what was formerly the Executive Dining Room. The changes were made to create more dining space and to give students a quick "grab-and-go" food option.
  • The Bruin Den and Foxhole (the latter remodeled in 2013) are two great places to grab a cup of coffee and hang out or study with friends.

Self-Guided Tour Map

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