Adjunct Teacher Education Associate




George Fox University is seeking applicants with a strong teaching background and robust educational knowledge who desire to be part of dynamic Teacher Preparation Programs by supervising Teacher Candidates during their student teaching.  The School of Education at George Fox University invites interested individuals who are enthusiastic about working with an educational community where faculty encourage students to achieve their highest intellectual and personal potential to apply for part-time adjunct faculty positions.  Successful candidates will be involved in preparing students to complete their student teaching experience.  Individuals with a minimum of three years teaching experience are encouraged to apply.  Responsibilities include:   supervising students on weekdays during their student teaching practicum, mentoring them as they transition from Teacher Candidate to novice teacher, and helping to facilitate and strengthen the relationship between the university and the partnering school. 

George Fox University, a Christ-centered community, prepares students spiritually, academically, and professionally to think with clarity, act with integrity, and serve with passion. Professors teach all truth as God's truth, integrating all fields of learning around the person and work of Jesus Christ, bringing the divine revelations through sense, reason, and intuition to the confirming test of Scripture. All applicants must express a personal commitment to Jesus Christ and express their Christian testimony in a local church. In addition, professors agree to live in agreement with the Community Lifestyle Statement and affirm the theological commitments expressed in the Statement of Faith. Individuals who would fit this profile are encouraged to apply for current openings in our faculty.


  • Candidates must hold a master’s degree and a teaching license (it does not need to be current).  Candidates who are endorsed in Reading and ESOL are highly sought after.
  • Candidates must be comfortable using technology.
  • Candidates must be flexible and understand that, due to changes within TSCP and CAEP, Teacher Education Associates may be asked to take on additional responsibilities. 

  Submit a George Fox application, resume, and letter of interest.

Directors, Clinical Practice

George Fox University

414 N. Meridian, #V124

Newberg, OR 97132

You may also fax your application materials to 503.554.2868 or scan & send to A resume will not be accepted unless it is accompanied by a signed George Fox University Faculty Application and a cover letter. The University reserves the right to fill the position as circumstances warrant.

For more information, please contact Lois Mulkey in the School of Education at 

George Fox University seeks to become a more racially and ethnically diverse community. We believe this goal is in keeping with our mission as a Christ-centered community, and so we especially encourage women and candidates in underrepresented groups.