Social Responsibility Fund


For the 2012-2013 Academic school year the Social Responsibility Fund holds $2,000.00. Students may fill out form below to request funding from the Social Responsibility Fund. The creation of this fund is intended to extend the reach of ASC into off campus communities with the intent of meeting needs in the spirit of Jesus' life.
The motivation for creating this fund is threefold.
 First, we recognize the immense need that exists throughout the world. While realizing money is not the sole solution to peoples and societies problems, it is needed.
 Second, we are aware of the wealth we possess, and our potential to make a positive impact on the lives of untold numbers of people.
 Finally, as Christians we believe it is our responsibility to care for God's creation and love His children. The creation of this fund is a step in this direction.
The Social Responsibility Fund will be used by ASC to work through organizations and people whose work we respect and desire to support. The money will be distributed on the prerogative of ASC Central Committee who will be responsible to distribute the fund in its entirety every year.
  • The ASC President directly oversees the fund and will administer as approved.
  • Appropriate organizations wil be directly involved in the business of meeting needs and/or alleviating poverty.
  • Donating towards scientific research, social activists organizations, or similar groups is not appropriate.
  • The funds are not to be used to directly support GFu students, faculty, staff, and administration.
  • An organization does not have to have Christian ethics or morals in order for us to support them. However, the expectations is that any group we support will conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the ethos of GFU.
  • To ensure the accountability of funds donated, recipient organizations must have a verifiable online giving program and or be a 501c3.
If request is more then $250.00 please print petition form and return to ASC President with copy of proposal attached.
* Required

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