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One key way of making the ASC work for you is utilizing the Associated Student Community’s Funds. There are four funds in which you, the student has access –Student Project Fund, Social Responsibility Fund, Community Life Fund, and Academic Pursuit. Essentially, as a student of George Fox University, you have the ability to get your social or academic concerns and personal endeavors funded! The four funds are described in more detail below.

Social Responsibility Fund

The creation of this fund is intended to extend the reach of ASC into off campus communities with the intent of meeting needs in the spirit of Jesus' life. The motivation for creating this fund is threefold.

  • First, we recognize the immense need that exists throughout the world. While realizing money is not the sole solution to peoples and societies problems, it is needed.
  • Second, we are aware of the wealth we possess, and our potential to make a positive impact on the lives of untold numbers of people.
  • Finally, as Christians we believe it is our responsibility to care for God's creation and love His children. The creation of this fund is a step in this direction.

The Social Responsibility Fund will be used by ASC to work through organizations and people whose work we respect and desire to support. The money will be distributed on the prerogative of ASC Central Committee who will be responsible to distribute the fund in its entirety every year.

You can fill out the form for this fund here.

Community Life Fund

The Community Life fund has been spent for the first term of the 2012-2013 academic year, with over $7,000.00 being committed to various events on campus. Proposals are not being accepted at this time. 

"Thanks for your interest in the CLF, the funds for the 2012-13 year have been spent. Please apply again in the fall!" 

The members of the Campus Representatives Committee make up the Community Life Committee, which vote on the submitted proposals. If you need any assistance, please contact the representative most applicable to you.

You can fill out the form for this fund here.

Academic Need Fund

The Academic Need Fund is to aid a student in special academic accomplishments, spiritual growth, and involvement in pursuits onsite and/or offsite of George Fox University. Academic pursuit includes but is not limited to, students attending conferences and/or making presentations in a field of study, collaborating with outside organizations to enhance students experience while at George Fox. Does not include the fulfillment of degree requirements in the student's field of study, such as internships, textbooks, tuition, fees, or materials needed for courses.

Testimonies from fund recipients can be read here.

You can fill out the form for this fund here.

Student Project Fund

The Student Project Fund is intended to fund permanent student projects around the campus. Click here to see information regarding past/current student projects.

This fund is currently closed.

Learn more about us through the George Fox University Vimeo channel.