Car Club

Mission Statement:
The mission of GFU Car Club is to promote the sport and hobby of owning, altering, building, and modifying vehicles of both past and present years; and to encourage young adult participation in such sport and hobby; to promote friendship, supporting our local communities and charities, as well as to educate anyone interested in the George Fox community concerning the history, legend, repair, building and modifying of all vehicle models.

About Us:
We are a group of Fox Students who are just passionate about cars! We come from all different backgrounds, but are united by the love of cars and driving. We as a club want to get out and experience car culture first hand.We want to educate anyone who is willing to listen, and learn new things from each other. We welcome those who are just interested in learning more about cars, to those who grew up around them. Come along for the ride! 

President: Austin Muhleman