George Fox offers a variety of student-initiated clubs to fit student interests. We invite you to take part in these clubs or even start your own! Clubs truly allow students to express their passions and interests, develop leadership and management skills, and have a ton of fun!

Starting a Club:

Do you have a unique interest, hobby, or passion that is not already addressed in a current club? You are invited to start a new club!

Step 1: Email the Student Organizations Director to set up a meeting where you will discuss options and resources, and get the official application.

Step 2: Fill out application and create a mission statement.

Step 3: One last meeting with the Student Organizations Director, Executive Vice President, and the VP of Finance before your club is voted on by Central Committee.

Student Organizations Director // Alice Phung

Executive Vice President // Erika Lopez

VP of Finance // David Bogert

Questions or Concerns?

Please contact, Alice Phung for more information.

The list of current clubs is in the sidebar to the left.