George Fox offers a variety of student-initiated clubs to fit student interests. We invite you to take part in these clubs or even start your own! Clubs truly allow students to express their passions and interests, develop leadership and management skills, and have a ton of fun!

For more information about clubs, please refer to our Club Manual and Application forms below! :)

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International Organization

The purpose of International Organization is to provide opportunities, such as events and activities, for students both domestic and international to come together and develop relationships while also learning about other cultures in order to reinforce the idea of global village.

President: Jeremy Qian

Mu Kappa

The purpose of our club is to create an open space for people from multiple cultural backgrounds to express themselves and their 'third culture' fully, connect with each other on a deeper level, educate others, and advocate for third culture kids on campus and globally.

President: Holly Hicks

Coast to Coast Swing Club

Coast to Coast Swing strives to maintain a fun and inviting atmosphere by bringing swing dancing to the George Fox community. Our goal is to provide a reprieve from everyday life while fostering positive relationships within our student body.

President: Michael Rooney

Bruin Ultimate Club

Bruin Ultimate Club endeavors to be a place where relationships can be formed and strengthened in an athletic, forgiving, and safe environment. It's focus is to facilitate ultimate that is free from aggressive competition, misogynistic tendencies, and any behavior or language that detracts from anyone's overall experience.

President: Isaac Swan

Fencing Club

We strive to provide a relaxed environment for everyone to learn the basics of fencing; encouraging friendly competition, while getting some weekly exercise without going to the gym.

President: Ethan Harkin

Society of Women Engineers

The GFU SWE Club has a two-fold focus. We want to create unity within the female engineering students at George Fox University by encouraging questions and community, as well as provide both external and internal opportunities to observe professional engineering and post-undergraduate options.

President: Rachel Hills

Accounting Association

To connect students with tutoring for accounting classes and provide sophomore-, junior- and senior-level accounting majors with opportunities to meet future employers.

President: Mark Nathich

Rock Climbing Club

We aim to provide a fun, safe, and supportive environment to practice indoor rock climbing, both for beginners and those with years of experience.

President: Julian Reimer

Car Club

The mission of the GFU Car Club is to promote the sport and hobby of owning, preserving, altering, building, and modifying vehicles of all makes, models and eras; and to encourage young adult participation in the hobby, so as to promote friendship, support the local community, and educate those in the George Fox community interested in the history, repair, building, and modifying of all vehicles.

President: Jared Horton

Fusion Asian American Club

Fusion aims to cultivate an inclusive and authentic environment where students of diverse multicultural and multi-ethnic backgrounds can develop, embrace, and express cultural identity in order to affirmatively impact the greater George Fox University community.

President: Asteria Yiu

Disc Golf Club

Mission Statement Coming Soon!

President: Mitch Milburn

Science and Religion Club

We aim to foster discussion and spark deeper thinking about how scientific investigation of the world interacts with faith.

President: Elizah Stephens

Outdoors Clubs (NEW!!)

Mission Statement Coming Soon!

Turning Point USA

Turning Point USA's mission is to educate students about the importance of fiscal responsibility, free markets, and limited government. Through non-partisan debate, dialogue, and discussion, Turning Point USA believes that every young person can be enlightened to true free market values.

President: Maddie McClean

Vincit qui se vincit (NEW!!)

Mission Statement Coming Soon!

Latino Heritage Club

LHC strives to support the George Fox University Latino community, and create the space for GFU to experience Latino food, art, dances and traditions. The club works toward emphasizing the importance of higher education for the Latino community. In doing so, they aim to remain rooted the legacy behind their ancestors.

International Justice Missio

Mission Statement Coming Soon!

ISI Roger Sherman

Mission Statement Coming Soon!

League of Legends Club

Mission Statement Coming Soon!

President: Jacob Borden

Nursing Club

Mission Statement Coming Soon!

Odyssey Club

"Who is Odyssey? Odyssey democratizes the way stories are told online. We believe multiple perspectives, opinions and ideas should be captured and heard, shared and amplified on a worldwide scale.
Our Mission: Engage the Conversation
With thoughtful and creative writing GFU Odyssey listens to, challenges, and forms our community on both micro and macro levels.
Through writing and social media, GFU Odyssey leads our community. Our ideas and stories define us, igniting others to discuss and consider what we put forth. GFU Odyssey integrally helps to provide a format for communication and discussion with our community. We promote and encourage the voices and opinions of our community to be heard. "

President: Daniel Cho

Psychology Club

The Psychology Club aims to foster a supportive community among psychology students and further discussion of relevant topics through panels and events.

President: Noelle Ho

Quaere Verum

Mission Statement Coming Soon!

Sigma Zeta

To build community, to inspire creativity, and to foster excellent communication, interpersonal, and scientific skills.

President: David Degnan

Social Work Club

Mission Statement Coming Soon!

President: Jessie Wilson

The Write Way

Our goal is to improve and grow as writers by welcoming the constructive criticism of others. Having said that, we must always remember that we are criticizing something that was made by someone made in the image of God, and we should always treat it as such.

President: David Shelby

Vive la France!

"To cultivate and promote interest in French culture by hosting activities rooted in Francophone traditions, cuisine, and history for students of every major and background.

President: Kacie Morgan

Young Life Club

Creating community through living life with one another and integrating faith into our every day lives. We are imperfect people who want to walk through life with people by our sides who know and understand our strengths and struggles. We are intentional in building our relationships with each other and our God.

President: Connor Forsyth

Black Student Union

Mission Statement Coming Soon!

President: Kaikaina Alle

Politics and Government Club

Our mission is to cultivate political education, activism, and community for students interested in law, government, or politics.

President: Cayla Bleoaja

Transfer Club

Mission Statement Coming Soon!

Hawaii Club

The purpose of Hawaii Club is to perpetuate the spirit of Aloha at George Fox University by establishing a warm and supportive environment for its members. (May Change)

President: Marcus Mateo

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