Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of help can I get in this office? 

You can get help with choosing a major, getting an internship, finding employment and prepping for grad school admissions. We recommend you explore our website and check out the vast number of great resources for you. Check out the calendar of events to decide what you might like to participate in.

Can I take a course to help me with my career planning?

Yes, we have three one-credit online courses under GEED 214, 216, 218. They are titled "Claim Your Career Calling," "Becoming Workplace Familiar" and "Finding Suitable Employment." You can register fall or spring by looking under the general education course listings. This is for those of you wanting to dig deeper into how you can be your own career manager.

How can I best select a major or learn what I’d be good at doing? 

We suggest you take a career assessment and evaluate your interests, skills, personality, and values and then match to majors. Sigi3 and Career Direct are two of the most popular tools used to accomplish this. You can come in for an appointment to review the results and determine what is necessary to make that decision. Do the same if you are considering changing your major.

What can I do with the major I have or am currently choosing? 

It is best to do some concentrated research before deciding by using reference materials and talking with people. We can give you some best websites for this investigation and help you set up an information interview to visit with someone in a profession of interest to you. Your research can extend to faculty, current students and that famous college catalog.

What if I want to work overseas, long or short term?

Or have an interest in some of the more trendy industries? We have specific information and connections to help you explore global, green, public service, nonprofit, and entrepreneurial opportunities. We invite you to attend the Global Opportunities and Gap Year pizza chat. Our public service and nonprofit materials are some of the best.

How can I learn to write a resume and cover letter or improve my interviewing skills? 

Optimal Resume is the name of the game here at George Fox University with regard to developing professional job search tools. This electronic system provides an e-portfolio, website builder and skills assessment option along with the main tools for resume, cover letter and interviewing. We start with you here and review your work through the Review Center. At any time following this, you are welcome to come in for a “sit down.” We are getting many positive reviews. 

How can I find an internship to help prepare me for my profession?  

You must be in the “internship frame of mind,” and that excites us. We will meet with you to help you learn how to best choose an internship using a variety of resources including your major advisor. We also offer an internship fair, a website internship center, additional ideas and contacts, and a course on how to make the most of an academic internship (GEED 216). This could potentially be the deal breaker when you hit the job market in the future.

How can I connect with employers or visit the workplace?

Our goal is to provide many opportunities for you to make connections with employers and recruiters. We hope to help you develop skill in connecting and networking so you can do it comfortably. We offer help on how to use social networking in your job search, develop an elevator speech, a number of recruiter fairs namely First Avenue in the spring and a Professional Preview Day so you can job shadow an alumni professional. BruinCareers allows you to connect directly with employers who have posted positions with George Fox University.

What do I need to do if I want to go to graduate school? 

Come see us about your needs in this area and fit yourself into a grad school admissions timeline. We can help you choose a school/program, find financial aid resources, take the exams and develop high-quality admissions documents. Our grad assistant has the latest scoop on this process and teaches a workshop each semester.

 How can I meet with someone who could help me with my questions? 

All you need to do is set up an appointment in the Career Center or call/e-mail us also at ext. 2330 or We are happy to set up a 30-minute freshman starter, sophomore check-up, junior review or senior consultation. Alumni are welcome also to do career transition work with us. We do provide e-counseling if it seems to be an appropriate avenue. 

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