Engage in Career Services, Envision Your Best Future!

Engage in Career Services

Our Mission Statement:
"To inspire, empower, and connect emerging professionals in their career development as they discern vocational calling, develop competencies, and pursue lifework goals."

At Career Services, we are committed to inspiring, empowering, and connecting you to your true potential and goals. Our biggest wish is for you to emerge as professionals as you go into the workforce either for the first time or if you change your career. We want to help you recognize and understand how purpose and meaning intersect with your distinct personality. We also want to help you see how you can grow to engage the work you will practice in life.

We plan to encourage you through a five-level path that we call "The 5Es to Success", or "5Es" for short. You can follow the path directly or just look into specific tools - like our job posting website, assessments, or the resume builder. We hope you find these online resources helpful and beneficial, but feel free to visit our office, located on the first floor of Stevens. Below the 5Es are more clearly defined.

The 5Es to Success:  

your interests.

Explore who you are and your God-given talents! Complete personality inventories and skills assessments.  Understand how you are wired and what career paths align with your unique set of skills, interests, values, passions and preferences.

EMPOWER your knowledge.

Empower yourself by gathering information about the world of work.  Enroll in an online career course or utilize resources posted on the Career Services website. Learn about career decision making through our Career Center Library.

EXPRESS your skills.

Express yourself with confidence through resumes, cover letters, and interviewing skills as you connect with potential employers and embark on a job search. Find a wide range of employment possibilities that match your career goals and tools to market you as the best possible candidate for employment.

EQUIP yourself with experience.

Equip yourself with great experience including internships, volunteer opportunities, and/or summer employment.  Acquire knowledge and skills in your chosen field prior to graduation. Attend our events throughout the year, including internship and job fairs.

EXPAND your horizons.

Expand your educational preparation by pursuing graduate studies and/or a managing a career.  Use our office to research schools, prep for admissions exams, and write essays or to research jobs in the market place. Explore the educational opportunities available and effectively present yourself to grad school admissions officers, embracing opportunities to connect with grad school reps in any format.

Engage in Career Services, Envision Your Best Future!
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