Career Fair Tips

How to Prepare:

  • Look at the list of attending organizations on the First Avenue website and find your top 10 employers or grad schools that interest you
    • Research them by looking up their companies online
  • Come up with 3 questions to ask each recruiter on your list
  • Have a 15-30 second sales pitch prepared about yourself
    • Have it explain who you are and your liberal arts background, why you’re interested, and what your skills/strengths can do for them.
    • Use for help.
  • Be prepared to answer why you’d like there or what you like about the company.

What to Wear:

What to Bring:

  • Plenty of Resumes
  • Materials for taking notes – professional pen and paper
  • Bring these materials in a folder or portfolio so they stay nice

How to Act at the Fair:

  • Use Personal sales pitch when introducing yourself to employers
    • Have questions ready
  • If told to go to the website, ask who is the appropriate person to talk to
  • Don’t hog the rep’s time; go with the flow
  • Don’t visit your #1 company first; warm up with some of the lower ranked ones on your list

What to do After the Fair:

  • Send a thank-you note and follow-up notes as needed
  • Be sure to ask what the next step in the process is 

If you need help with or have questions about any step of this process, stop by Career Services during drop-in hours this week. You can also use Optimal Resume, which is accessible through mygfu.

Addiitonal Resources

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