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Understand the Job Search and your Rights & Responsibilities - Playing Fair: Your Rights & Responsibilities as a Job Seeker (NACE)

Job Choices 2012-13 General            Job Choices 2012-13 Diversity Edition
Job Choices 2013 -General and Diversity Editions 

  1. Know yourself - your skills, interests, values, and personality.
  2. Research industries and companies that align with your skills, interests, values, and personality.
  3. Create a targeted resume and cover letter that feature your skills as they relate to the job description.
  4. Develop a professional online presence.
  5. Practice your elevator pitch and interviewing skills.


  1. Begin networking with professionals in the industry (Informational Interviewing, Professional Associations, LinkedIn, etc.)
  2. Initiate contact directly with target companies (website, career fairs, etc.)
  3. Identify appropriate search engines to access current openings online
  4. Update materials for each job, and apply as quickly as possible.
  5. Top


  1. Articulate how your skills, interests, values, and personality align with the requirments of the position and culture of the company.
  2. Provide specific and concrete examples through storytelling to demonstrate your qualifications.
  3. Be clear, concise, and confident in your communications.  Be specific and action-oriented in your requests.
  4. Monitor your nonverbal communication to convey interest and engagement.  Smile and offer a firm, professional handshaking with direct eye contact.


  1. Send a Thank You note or email within 24 hours
  2. Maintain contact through positive interactions

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