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GEED 214 Career Prep. I - Claim Your Career Calling: Choosing Majors

  • Covers learning about oneself: life mission, work skills, values, interests, and personality.
  • Educational and occupational opportunities examined in light of this self-assessment leading to selecting a major.
  • Use of career-assessment tools, career computer system, standard career references, major research, and introduction to work-related experiences as source of information.
  • Biblical perspective presented.

GEED 216 Career Prep. II - Become Workplace Familiar: Getting Internships

  • Focuses on additional exploration of occupations through information interviews, internships, company tours, job shadowing, and professional organizations.
  • Exposure to the workplace and/or readiness for graduate school admission as primary objectives
  • Addresses the need to bring clarity and definition to the career decision.
  • Biblical perspective presented.

GEED 218 Career Prep. III - Find Suitable Employment: Finding the Best Jobs

  • Focuses on honing skills needed to find employment; contemporary resume writing, interviewing, strategizing a job search, networking, and completing a portfolio.
  • Making employer contacts, transitioning successfully into the professional workforce with an understanding of the market.
  • Emphasis on learning to identify and solve future career challenges.
  • Biblical perspective presented.

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