George Fox maintains the following wireless networks:

foxwifi is provided for student, faculty and staff use. Access to this network requires your George Fox username and password.

foxpublic is provided as a courtesy to guests on campus. Access to this network requires a WPA2 key. A WPA2 key is network password. Guests can contact the IT Service Desk to request the key.

We utilize the most recent wireless hardware and technology. We currently support 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac connectivity.

Wireless Coverage

The Portland Center has wireless coverage throughout the buildings.

The Newberg campus has complete wireless coverage in all student housing and classrooms. Most administrative offices have wireless available. Large public areas like the Bruin Den, Miller Gymnasium, Student Union Building, and MLRC also have access.

Off campus, many businesses including our local coffee shops offer wireless networking to customers.

How to connect to foxwifi:


Connecting isn't automatic, so please read the following:

  1. Network SSID: MacBook Users can follow this tutorial. Windows users will need to download a script in the following section.
  2. Authentication: You'll be asked to enter your George Fox username and password. Windows Operating Systems will require one of the following scripts: Windows XP, Windows VistaWindows 7, or Windows 8. Mac users will need to choose to "Always Trust" the certificate when prompted.

Wireless Configuration Script (XP/Vista/7) instructions:

  1. Ensure Wireless Card is enabled.
  2. Newberg Campus is only campus being changed.
  3. Download to desktop to ensure availability of script
  4. Steps on how to connect
    1. Run the Operating System specific .exe script that you downloaded in a previous step.
    2. Enter your George Fox username and password when prompted.

NOTE: If your computer previously connected from home via modem, DSL, or other means, you may have to reconfigure your computer for the George Fox wireless network. If you have trouble connecting your computer, bring it to the IT Service Desk on the third floor of Stevens Center.

Mobile Devices