Work Requests

The only people who can turn in work requests are Building Monitors, Alternate Building Monitors, Area Coordinators, Assistant Area Coordinators, and Resident Assistants. Work requests can be called in to the Plant Services office, emailed to one of the secretaries, or entered via the Custom Tab in People Soft. We strongly prefer using People Soft unless the request is an absolute emergency.

Please do not contact individual maintenance personnel.

List of Building Monitors
Building Monitor job description

General Work Request

We usually respond within 4 working days. However, if we are flooded with requests (especially at the first of school), responses may take a bit longer. Feel free to call us if your request is still not completed after a week.

Emergency Request

We will respond as soon as humanly possible. Emergencies include fire, flood, and natural disasters.

Priority Request

We prioritize work requests. For example, a broken water pipe is more important than a leaky faucet.

End-of-the-day Request

Unless it is an emergency, a request turned in after 4:00 p.m. will not be processed until the next day.

Project Request

Any request, which does not specifically deal with the maintenance or repair of an existing condition, is a Project Request; it is a request is for something new. All Project Requests must have the approval of the Building Monitor or Director of Residence Life. Responses will take longer than the usual four days for a Project Request.

When reporting a maintenance need, please give us specific information. We need to know

  • Who is calling/reporting
  • What the problem is - be specific and detailed
  • Where exactly the problem is - building, room, and location within room
  • Telephone number of someone to contact if we need to follow up with a call

Plant Services is separated into many individual departments, so please report each maintenance need individually. For example, do not enter one work request for a leaky faucet and a burned out light bulb in the same restroom; enter two separate work requests.