Our Staff

Listed below is the registrar's office personnel and some of the job descriptions for each person. Also, among our various duties, we consult with graduating students regarding completion of degree requirements. If you have any questions pertaining to the items listed below, please contact the appropriate person.

Melissa ThomasMelissa Thomas
Phone: 503-554-2214
Email: mthomas@georgefox.edu

Photo of Andrea ByerleyAndrea Byerley
Associate Registrar
Phone: 503-554-2217
Email: abyerley@georgefox.edu

Photo of Rebecca Williams Rebecca Williams
Enrollment Specialist
Registrar Office
Phone: 503-554-2218
Email: rwilliams@georgefox.edu

Traditional Undergraduate Programs

Photo of Tamara Reams Tamara Reams
Assistant Registrar
Undergraduate Programs
Phone: 503-554-2211
Email: treams@georgefox.edu

Photo of Patricia FitzgeraldPatti Fitzgerald
Enrollment Specialist
Phone: 503-554-2213
Email: pfitzgerald@georgefox.edu

Photo of Rachel RyanRachel Ryan
Transfer Credit Specialist
Phone: 503-554-2225
Email: rryan@georgefox.edu

Department of Professional Studies (DPS)

Photo of Emily SheffieldEmily Call
Enrollment Counselor
Department of Professional Studies, A-G
Portland Center
Phone: 503-554-6109
Email: ecall@georgefox.edu

Photo of Dan PredoehlDan Predoehl
Associate Director of ADP Admissions
Department of Professional Studies, N–Z
Portland Center
Phone: 503-554-6167
Email: dpredoehl@georgefox.edu

Photo of Matt Sargent Matt Sargent
Enrollment Manager
Department of Professional Studies, H–M
Portland Center
Phone: 503-554-6108
Email: msargent@georgefox.edu

Graduate Programs

Photo of Jennifer MacnabJennifer Macnab
Senior Enrollment Manager
Graduate Students: Part-Time MBA, Seminary
Portland Center
Phone: 503-554-6103
Email: jmacnab@georgefox.edu

Photo of Lecia RetterLecia Retter
Enrollment Manager
Graduate Students: PsyD, EDFL
Newberg, Villa Academic Complex
Phone: 503-554-2222
Email: lretter@georgefox.edu

Photo of Cindy HowardCindy Howard
Enrollment Manager
Graduate Students: MAT, Counseling
Portland Center
Phone: 503-554-6107
Email: choward@georgefox.edu

Photo of Nancy FawverNancy Fawver
Enrollment Systems Manager
Graduate Students: Full-time MBA, DBA, DPT, ACLA
Phone: 503-554-2224
Email: nfawver@georgefox.edu

Student Office Assistants (Newberg):

  • Natalie Marquette
  • Katriona Mortimore
  • Lizzy Riese
  • Hannah Williamson
  • Vlada Wilson

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