Course Plans

Our four-year course plans provide you with a tool to help you meet all your degree requirements. They are a guide that provides your department's recommended timeline for your course work. As you move through your college experience, you might need to make a few adjustments to accommodate full classes and classes that are not offered every year.


  • You will need to take approximately 16 credits every semester to reach the required 126 credits.
  • If you are interested in participating in a performance group or on an athletic team, you must add it to your corresponding semester schedule once you are officially accepted to the team or group.
  • If you are interested in taking a foreign language course, you may tentatively add yourself to a class subject to the deparment's testing. You may take the Spanish placement test online.
  • If you are undecided about your major, try not to limit your options later.
    • If you might be interested in a science major, take one of the four credit science courses instead of a three-credit course.
    • If you desire a better Bible foundation, take BIBL 101 and 102 instead of BIBL 100. Both 101 and 102 are necessary to complete the BIBL 100 requirement.
    • If you have taken AP courses or have college credits to transfer in, please make sure we have your transcripts. More information about transferring in credits may be found here.
    • If you might be interested in philosophy, take PHIL 150 or 180 as your humanities elective course during your freshman year.
  • If you have any other questions, contact your advisor or the registrar's office.

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