Information about Living Off Campus

George Fox is a residential university and, as such, has a two-year residency requirement effective Fall of 2014 (please refer to The Benefit of Living On-Campus for more information about the advantages of campus housing). Students who meet one of the following eligibility criteria are able to live off campus:

  • Students with junior status defined as 62 or more credit hours
  • Students who are 20 years old or older prior to the first day of the semester
  • Students in their third year out of high school
  • Students who are married
  • Local students commuting from their parent’s current place of residence and who have submitted an Application to Commute from Parent(s) Home

Eligible students should notify the university of their intent to live off campus by emailing prior to the deadlines listed below.

Deadline for Off-Campus Application
The deadlines for requesting off-campus housing are as follows:

  • Spring Semester 2016
    • Dec. 4, 2015, is the last day to make changes for spring semester or submit a Residency Exemption Request.
    • Note: Students approved to move off campus need to be checked out of campus housing by noon on Dec. 19.
  • Fall Semester 2016
    • Returning students who would like to be considered for off-campus approval prior to housing selection need to submit a Residency Exemption Request before 5 p.m. on March 2, 2016.
    • The last day for returning students to submit a Residency Exemption Request is May 31, 2016.
    • July 31, 2016 is the last day eligible students can opt to live off campus. Students who chose to move off campus (commute from home or otherwise) after the third week of the semester will not be eligible for a refund of housing charges and will be responsible for the full cost of the semester housing fees.

It is expected that all students who live off campus abide by the university's lifestyle policies. Those students who live off campus and choose to violate the policies may have their approval to live off campus revoked and be required to return to university housing, or face other disciplinary action deemed appropriate by the student life office.

Transfer Students
Transfer students are expected to abide by the university residency requirements. Even if the student has established a place of residence locally, transfers should plan on living on campus unless otherwise qualifying under the policy. Only those credits that have officially transferred will be considered in determining off-campus eligibility.

Appeals and Exceptions
Students who wish to seek an off-campus exception should do so in writing by March 2, 2016 to be considered prior to housing selection. To apply, students need to pick up a Residency Exemption Request from the student life office. Please note that most requests that fall outside of university policy are not considered. To apply for a financial hardship exemption, fill out the petition for financial hardship exemption by December 11 for Spring 2016 or by May 31 for Fall 2017. Requests presented after this time will not be considered. 

Finding Off-Campus Housing
Availability of off-campus housing varies from season to season and year to year. The following resources may be helpful in locating off-campus housing. Please note that George Fox is not affiliated with organizations outside of the unviersity. These links are provided as an additonal source to consider during the course of your housing search..  Students are encouraged to evaluate their housing options carefully and utilize the On Verses Off Campus Comparison worksheet as part of this process. Newberg has a wide variety of rental options and our hope is that students are able to make an informed decision before committing to a rental agreement.

Information for Community Members
The university does not actively advertise or coordinate local housing; students are responsible for arranging their own off-campus living housing. If you have housing available you may write a short description of what is available including your contact information. Email this description to We will post this to the "Off-Campus Housing" folder in BruinBoards. This will be available only to George Fox community members for 30 days. The university does not provide advice about the feasibility of purchasing local housing units for renting or leasing to George Fox students or employees, nor will the university provide information, specifically or in aggregate, about students living off-campus.