Non-Qualified Drivers

While driving records will be verified for eligibility as a driver, students or employees should self-identify and voluntarily excuse themselves from driving if any of the following apply.

Any of the following  appear on your motor vehicle record within the past five years:

  • a conviction for reckless driving;
  • a citation for leaving the scene of an accident;
  • a citation for being at fault in a fatal accident;
  • a felony conviction for any crime committed involving a vehicle;
  • a conviction for any alcohol and/or drug related driving offense;

Two or more moving violations in the past year, or three or more in the past two years, including but not limited to violations for the following:

  • running a red light;
  • ignoring a stop sign;
  • speeding;
  • passing a stopped school bus

Citation(s) for being at fault in the past 365 days in two or more accidents that are recorded on your motor vehicle records;

A recorded instance of one of the following within the past three years:

  • driving without insurance;
  • driving with a suspended license;
  • driving illegally with an instruction permit

Lack of personal vehicle insurance:

    NOTE:  Driving records for new employees will be reviewed for the three years prior to their employment at George Fox University. 

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