Internship Program

13-14 BHC Group Photo

The GDCP predoctoral internship program provides training for assessing and treating a wide range of psychological problems, including mood and anxiety disorders, substance dependence, co-occurring disorders, trauma, eating disorders and other behavioral health conditions.

Training Available

Interns receive training at the George Fox Behavioral Health Clinic (BHC) located in Newberg, Oregon, as well as medical clinics, operated by Providence Medical Group, located in Portland, Oregon.

The goal of the internship is to equip interns to be generalist clinicians with competence in behavioral health integration, which will be developed during the interns' major training rotations in primary care psychology and community mental health. In addition to the primary rotations in healthcare settings and the George Fox BHC, interns also select specific focus areas in teaching, parenting/family issues, assessment, supervision, group therapy, and/or program development.

Application for Internship

Our internship participates in the APPIC Match and exists primarily as a training resource for GDCP students.  When additional openings are available, applications are accepted from students enrolled in other APA-accredited doctoral programs.

Applications should be submitted through the AAPI Online process administered by APPIC (Program Code # 219711).  Details are available at the APPIC website (  No supplemental application materials are required beyond the AAPI Online requirements.  Our application application due date is Sunday, December 1, 2013.  

Interviews are conducted in person for Match 1, and by telephone or Skype for Match 2 (unless the candidate is local and able to attend an in-person interview).

The GDCP Training Manual can be downloaded here. Interested applicants should direct their inquiries to Tammy O'Doherty at

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