Program Information

Mission Statement

The mission of the Graduate Department of Clinical Psychology is to provide excellent education and training for future clinical psychologists who will provide outstanding professional services to their clients and agencies and demonstrate special expertise when working with clients desiring a spiritual dimension, especially that characteristic of the Christian community.

Program Elements

  • Coursework
    • Core Courses (95 credit hours)
    • Faith Integration Coursework (20 credit hours)
    • Electives/Emphasis Area Courses (10 credit hours)
    • Total Program (125 credit hours)
  • Clinical/Practicum Training and Teams
  • Research Teams
  • Academic Benchmarks
    • Scientific Foundations Exam (SFE) for Advancement to Doctoral Candidacy
    • Clinical Intervention and Assessment Exam (CIAE) for Advancement to Internship
    • Dissertation
  • Internship