Youth Science Classes

Class Schedule and Fees

We offer Youth Science Classes during both the fall and spring semesters. New class schedules are available mid-September and mid-January. Classes begin in late September/early October and late January/early February. Prices range from $50 to $80, usually dependent on the age of the student and lab supplies.

Youth Science Classes are nonprofit, and we strive to keep costs as low as possible. For registration and additional program information, please call Elizabeth Licon at 503-554-2728.



Spring 2017 Class Schedule


Exploring Biology - class is now full         Ages 6 to 8 ($60.00)

Thursdays, 3:30-4:30pm, starting February 9th, EHS Room 103 

Teachers: Melissa Fox and Hanna Kumasaka

Come join us in an opportunity to explore the diverse world of science!  Through the seven weeks, we will be conducting hands-on experiments and activities in order to experience science up close.  We will look into a variety of topics such as plants, recycling, insects, water, the sun and its properties, and the local ecosystem.  This class will also include a number of field trips around campus to explore the world of science in our own community.  

Living Things - class is now full         Ages 9-11 ($60.00)

Fridays, 10:30-11:30am, starting February 10th, EHS Room 103

Teachers: Lael Papenfuse and Camilla Carpenter

Join us as we explore God’s living creatures of all shapes and sizes.  Starting with single-celled organisms and working our way up to larger mammals, we will be looking at the life cycles and unique characteristics of different species.  Be prepared for a hands-on experience using microscopes, dissections, making observations, and model building.  Additionally, we will be interacting with live organisms including protists, worms, plants, insects, reptiles, birds, and mammals.  Come help us explore God’s beautiful creation!


Features of Life - class is now full         Ages 10-12 ($80.00)

Fridays, 2:00-4:00pm, starting February 10th, EHS Room 103

Teachers: Morgan Bars and Sadie Krahn

Ever wonder what makes something living? This biology class will learn about the essential features of life:  how an organism’s cells are organized, how it responds to the environment, how it makes and uses energy, and how it grows and develops. We will explore how each of these features are present in a variety of organisms. Each week will focus on a specific feature, and the class will raise and observe the development of multiple class pets. Students will be asked to keep a laboratory notebook as a scientific practice to record their weekly observations. Come explore with us in this class!

From DNA to Proteins (and everything in between) - class is now full   Ages 12-14 ($80.00)

Mondays, 2:00-4:00pm, starting February 6th, EHS Room 225

Teachers: David Degnan and Luke Nelson

Ever wonder why your eyes are the color they are? Or why you don’t grow as fast as your siblings? The answer is in your DNA! In this class we will learn the basics of inheritance, DNA chemistry, and gene expression. Throughout the weeks you will extract your own DNA, build challenging models, make a pH meter from cabbage, and learn how to breed fruit flies (won't your parents be proud)! We are excited to share this course with you and enjoy learning about God's detailed creation together. 




Mailing List

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