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MaryKate Morse

Dr. MaryKate Morse

Professor of Leadership; Spiritual Formation

twitter: @MaryKateMorse

What do I love about a new day?

  • Getting up in the morning - I love mornings, the feeling of new beginnings, the hope in them, the quiet and solitude of them.
  • Loving my husband, Randy, our adult children, and our grandsons, Kai, Martin, and Mason - I had to explain to my Greek students that "Kai" doesn't mean "and, even, also," but "ocean" in Hawaiian. Martin was named after Martin Buber. Mason is our grandchildren.
  • Having a new challenge - I believe in the hope of the resurrection. I believe that when Christ said "out of their innermost being will flow rivers of living water" that he was speaking truth to us. Having the opportunity to partner with the Holy Spirit to bring light to any darkness, whether in a person or a group, is the miracle of the Christian life.
  • Snorkeling off the island of Maui with my husband - One time I swam with a school of spinner dolphins, and the light bouncing off their bodies and the sheer exuberance of their movements was the closest to spiritual ecstasy I've ever come.
  • Meeting students and others from all over the world - People who love God and want to faithfully follow Christ, who want to learn together how to make a kingdom difference.
  • Growing in faith, a paradoxical journey of redemption and stumblings - Life in Christ is not boring nor for the faint of heart. It takes grit and the grace of Christ and loving friends.
  • Teaching in a seminary with fellow faculty and staff who are committed to orthodox evangelicalism and who are willing to take risks, innovate, and explore what it means to serve the "least of these" in an often unjust and quickly changing world.

I'm intrigued by the challenges of formation in Christ; especially for those called to leadership whether to individual souls as a guide or to church family systems as a pastor. For me the classroom is a mini-social system where content, whether it is Greek or prayer, becomes an opportunity to learn together what it means to be Christ-like, to love each other, to be authentic human beings, and to prepare for service in the world community.

Academic Background

BS, English and Secondary Education, Longwood University; Master of Theology, Biblical Studies, Western Evangelical Seminary (now Portland Seminary); MDiv, Portland Seminary; PhD: Faculty of Education, concentration in Spiritual Leadership - Nature & Preparation, Gonzaga University

Expertise and Research Interests

Healthy enduring spiritual leadership, leadership development and formation, deep change/spiritual formation processes in individuals and in groups, power and influence, team and gender issues, spiritual direction and prayer

Research Bibliography

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Professional Affiliations

Current Course Information

Dr. Morse serves as the Lead Mentor of the Leadership and Spiritual Direction DMin (dminlsf) program. Each year she teaches within the dminlsf program: 

DMIN 710 - Christian Formation and the Leader - The Interior World

DMIN 720 - Christian Formation and Leadership - Historical and Biblical Perspectives

DMIN 730 - Christian Formation and Leadership - Transformation & Change

DMIN 740 - Christian Formation and Leadership - Cultural, Artistic, and Global Engagement

She has also taught a number of Masters courses, including: 

BIST 521 Introducing New Testament Greek

BIST 522 Interpreting New Testament Greek

SFAD 520 Prayer

SFAD 591 Spiritual Leadership

MLDR 520 Missional Leadership

MLDR 530 Personal Transformation

Outside of teaching

At times I serve as a consultant to churches and Christian organizations which are in transition, experiencing leadership difficulties, or needing help discerning strategic directions. I coach and spiritually direct Christian leaders. I also do conference and retreat ministries.

I am a recorded Quaker minister and a trained spiritual director. I have planted 2 churches with a leadership team: Community of Christ Church in Hillsboro Oregon and RiversWay Community in Portland, Oregon.

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