The Leadership and Global Perspectives DMin face-to-face (F2F) intensives in the hybrid learning environment are called “Advances”. These face-to-face intensives serve as a central learning experience in the program in which students will study and have experiences that ignite their imaginations, push the boundaries of their thinking, and network them with other leaders. The ultimate goal of each international Advance is to enable students to better lead in their own contexts.

Through a combination of academic seminars and field trips, students interact in-person with scholars and leaders from local churches, businesses, faith-based nonprofit organizations, government, and other entities engaged in significant ministry efforts. Students also meet with their advisors and research course instructors to discuss their customized research. Second and third-year students and advisors present their research to the entire learning community.

Students participate in three Advances during the coursework phase of the program:

  • Orientation Advance (beginning of the first year of the program)

  • Second Advance (beginning of the second year)

  • Final Advance (beginning of the third year)

The face-to-face (F2F) Advances differ from traditional Doctor of Ministry F2F intensives in the following ways:

dminglp Advance

Traditional DMIn F2F

Fees include
Honoraria, admin, field trip expenses, and on-site food and lodging Honoraria and admin
International, global city On campus
Clean, safe accommodations provided Student must identify, book, and pay for local lodging near campus
Generally provided Student pays for food expenses
Lead Mentor, Faculty Advisor, students, and local special guests Instructor and students
Family members welcome 'at cost' Family not welcome
Alumni welcome 'at cost' No alumni
Learning context(s)
Field trips, Faculty Advisor coaching, student and advisor presentations, and cohort meals In-class lecture
Instructional input(s)
Local leaders in church, nonprofit, and business, Faculty Advisors, and peers Course instructor 


Collaborating with local institutions, George Fox Evangelical Seminary hosts the Advances in a variety of dynamic global venues. Future locations include:

  • 2015: Hong Kong - East meets West: Finance, democracy, mission 

  • 2016: London - History meets future: Media, globalization, culture

  • 2017: Cape Town, South Africa - First world meets third world: Leadership, diversity, reconciliation

Past venues include:

Advance Logistics

All active cohorts and advisors participate in each Advance. Alumni and spouses are always welcome 'at cost'.

Advances occur in late September - early October, depending on the year.

Advances last six days and run from mid-week to mid-week. The newest cohort arrives at the host location two days early for program orientation.

Food and lodging are provided with incidentals excepted. Wireless internet connectivity is available when possible. Students are responsible for all air travel and local transport (car rental, taxi, etc), Visas, vaccinations, and expenses associated with guests.

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