Berkeley Shorthill, PhD

Berkely Shorthill

Phone: 503-554-2710
Office: EHS 315

I attended George Fox as an undergraduate from 1993-1997 and truly enjoyed all aspects of my education here. It has been a huge blessing to come back to Fox recently to teach chemistry as an adjunct and visiting professor. I love being a part of a community that sincerely seeks wisdom and understanding and pursues Christian service.

As a Christian educator in chemistry, one thing I desire to instill within my students is a greater appreciation, awareness, and even awe for the incredibly intricate, ordered, and creative nature of the world around us, as well as for the greatness, wisdom, and creativity of our God. As I have studied chemistry, I have always been amazed at how the beauty and complexity of the chemical world around us point to our Creator, and I enjoy trying to help my students see that connection.

Academic Background

BS, Chemistry, George Fox University (1997)
PhD, Organic Chemistry & Molecular Recognition, The Pennsylvania State University (2004)

Expertise and Research Interests

While pursuing my doctorate at Penn State, my research focused on the design and synthesis of tube-shaped molecular receptors and sensors for the detection of fatty acids in solution. The concept of molecular recognition investigates and hopes to provide a deeper understanding of how molecules interact with one another. Molecular receptors and sensors can be used for analytical purposes, in the construction of molecular machines, for tracking biologically relevant molecules in real time, or for a variety of other purposes.

After completing graduate school, I worked in industry as a drug standards chemist synthesizing a wide variety of drugs and their metabolites. These high purity standards were used by forensics labs and hospitals around the country for comparison during analysis.

Primary Teaching Responsibilities

CHEM 100/110 – Chemistry of Life/Chemistry and Our Environment
CHEM 151 – General, Organic, and Biochemistry
CHEM 311L – Organic Chemistry Lab

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