Why Adult Learners Choose George Fox


There are no hidden prerequisites, no hidden fees, and no hidden online class requirements. Payment plans are available, and financial aid is available for all incoming students who qualify. You'll find that George Fox is one of the most competitively priced adult degree programs around!

Convenient Class Times

Adult Degree Program classroom

Students in a major either take classes  online or meet one night per week for 16 consecutive months, while only taking one class at a time. This makes returning to school more manageable for busy adults. Our semesters are 16 weeks long, and students will typically have 3-4 classes within a semester. Most students complete their bachelor's degree at George Fox in as few as 16 to 20 months.

Additionally, students who need to take general education/elective courses to begin their majors can do so online or in a weeknight or weekend format.

Convenient Locations

We offer adult degree programs online and at two convenient locations - in Portland (near Tigard) and Salem.

A Stellar Reputation

George Fox's reputation extends nationally. Forbes ranks George Fox among the top Christian colleges in the nation, and U.S. News & World Report ranks George Fox as a first-tier, "Best Regional University," the only Christian college in the Pacific Northwest to receive this distinction. A degree from George Fox means you'll receive an excellent education with a great reputation at a very affordable price.

Adult-Focused Instruction

Classes are taught in a seminar style and include simulations and discussions that draw from students' personal and professional backgrounds to achieve a broader understanding of the material. In our majors, you will take one course at a time, this way each course builds on the previous so you can maximize and better retain what you learn.

Excellent Faculty

The faculty at George Fox have both academic and professional expertise. They respect the knowledge and experience that you bring to the classroom and will work with you to help you succeed in the program.

Small, Supportive Cohorts

Your major classes will be completed with the same group of students - colleagues who will motivate you and provide continual support. Each cohort consists of no more than 20 students, giving you the personal attention you need to succeed in the classroom.

Helpful Enrollment Counselors

Our enrollment counselors are committed to the mission that our students will Be Known. Your enrollment counselor serves as your admission counselor, your academic advisor, a resource, and a motivator for you throughout your time at George Fox. He or she will create a semester-by-semester plan for you so that you know exactly what classes you need take so you will have a realistic timeline for when you will complete your degree.

Credit for Professional Training and Life Learning

Through our prior-learning assessment process, students can earn up to 30 hours of elective credit for professional training and/or life learning based on previous life experiences. To take advantage of these credits, we encourage you to enroll in our Personal and Professional Assessment class. Students who pass this three-semester-hour class are eligible to submit life-learning essays and professional training to earn elective credits.

Free Transcript Evaluation

Let our friendly enrollment staff tell you how close you are to finishing your degree. All we need are copies of your transcripts to do a free transcript evaluation. Our degree programs have maximum flexibility, so your previous college credits should transfer easily. Contact your enrollment counselor today!