Format and Schedule

Learning Methods

The adult degree program uses an adult learning method designed to meet the needs and learning styles of working adults. This seminar style relies heavily on discussion, simulations, and collaborative learning, drawing from students' personal, professional, and technical backgrounds to achieve a broader understanding of the topics covered.

Cohort Model

Once admitted to a major, students are grouped into cohorts (learning communities). Cohorts follow a 16-month schedule.

Cohort Schedule

Courses are offered in the evenings and meet one night per week (6 to 10 p.m.) for 2 to 6 weeks per course (an occasional Saturday class may be required).

Added Value

Courses help students assess personal values, develop interpersonal skills, and enhance general professional competencies to better contribute to the organizations and individuals they seek to serve. Many students form life-long friendships with others in their cohort.


Out-of-class assignments include reading, research, and writing on selected topics. In-class assignments include presentations and collaborative discussion. Tests are not used as part of the grading criteria in any of the major courses and are used very sparingly in the general education/elective courses.

Personal Approach

George Fox values the personal interaction that occurs in a classroom. Even in our online format, our students receive the face-to-face interaction that the classroom setting provides.