Format and Schedule

Support from Admission to Graduation

Returning to school is stressful, and our counselors are here to help. Unlike schools where students are left to decipher enrollment codes and calculate credits on their own, our degree completion students are each assigned an enrollment counselor to walk alongside them from start to finish – answering questions, providing guidance, and offering encouragement.

Students who have walked a difficult path before joining our program, starting and stopping at multiple schools, find great relief in relying on one counselor throughout their time with us. George Fox's single enrollment counselor model is one of a kind, offering students individualized support from admission to graduation.

Cohort Model & Schedule

Once admitted to a major, students are grouped into cohorts (learning communities) that journey together either in person or online. Many students form life-long friendships with others in their cohort. Cohorts follow a 16-month schedule.

Courses are offered in the evenings and meet one night per week (6-10 p.m.) for 6 weeks per course (an occasional Saturday class may be required).

Learning Methods & Assignments

The adult degree program uses an adult learning method designed to meet the needs and learning styles of working adults. This seminar style relies heavily on discussion, simulations, and collaborative learning, drawing from students' personal, professional, and technical backgrounds to achieve a broader understanding of the topics covered.

Out-of-class assignments include reading, research, and writing on selected topics. In-class assignments include presentations and collaborative discussion. Tests are not used as part of the grading criteria in any of the major courses and are used very sparingly in the general education/elective courses.

Online Programs

What George Fox's online degree completion courses are not: solitary, lonely, unsupported, self-paced, nonrelational, dry, formulaic, simplistic, predictable.

What George Fox’s online degree completion courses are: uniquely relational, clearly structured, cohort-based, lively, unexpected, content-rich, innovative, empowering.

Whatever your technical skill level, our team of faculty and staff will guide you into an online learning environment that is unlike anything you have experienced before. Gone are the days of posting tedious answers to predictable questions and wondering whether anyone else is even taking the course; instead come find yourself entering fully into a colorful, lively, content-rich environment where you can engage with your peers in a variety of mediums, sharing life experiences and future goals.

George Fox's promise that each student will Be Known applies to our online courses just as fully as our in-person classes. Come experience the difference.