While the future is exciting, it may seem a bit frightening at times especially when it comes to figuring out your future career. With the new IGNITE program at Fox, you no longer have to worry about the future. The program pairs students from both the college of business and the college of engineering with industry professionals to promote career development. 

Meet one-on-one with industry advisors who are there to guide you through preparing for your career. Throughout the program, you will gain new perspectives, have the opportunity to ask questions, and develop professional positivity and work-related knowledge. Become part of a program that wants you to grow and succeed!

Watch video: IGNITE Program: College Career Prep

Student Video

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Here's what students have to say about IGNITE

It has been so empowering to learn from such a strong woman who serves the Lord in the workplace. After just a short time, I know that I have someone who I can go to for advice and encouragement about any situation.
-Olivia Jacobsen, sophomore


“IGNITE encompasses business learning in the form of a genuine relationship with a professional. The program creates a unique opportunity to intentionally listen and naturally learn from the experience of business role models.”
-Peter Nordlund, sophomore


"It's been so incredible to be able to build a truly meaningful relationship with my Industry Advisor. It's a privilege to learn from her life experiences and knowledge, and she has offered such valuable guidance in all aspects of my life. Very, very grateful to be a part of Ignite!"
- Bryn Heikes, sophomore


“I feel that IGNITE will provide me with great resources and relationships to allow me to become the best version of myself that I can be. I feel that it is an invaluable program that will set me up for success in my career and beyond. I look forward to developing my relationship with Seth further as the year goes on.”
-Nathaniel Cimbora, junior



Are you interested in applying? Learn more by visiting our website.

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