Policy and Procedures

In order to ensure student safety and health all participants in off-campus programs at George Fox are required to follow the policies and procedures given in the following handbooks. Safety of our students is of utmost concern as we travel around the world. Always insist that students travel in groups when they are not with the main group. In many parts of the world women should always be accompanied by men.  If students continually go off on their own in what you perceive as a dangerous situation you have the authority to send them home. See the Safety and Travel Tip Handbook for more information. This handbook is available on the Google site.
International travel experiences have been available to students at George Fox University for a number of years.  These can be enriching times of learning and cultural exposure that create memories that last a lifetime. In an effort to ensure safe learning and growth experiences during international travel, the following policies and procedures have been established. 

The goals of these policies include the following:

• To ensure the safety of our students.
• To insure adequate training for faculty, students and other University personnel involved in travel abroad programs.
• To develop an excellent communication system for use in emergencies where students, group leaders, University officials and parents can be fully informed in a timely fashion.
•To limit Faculty and University liability during international travel.

These policies and procedures must be reviewed and adhered to by students and University employees alike when traveling abroad. It is hoped that through following these policies, both students and employees will be able to remain safe as they travel in a wide variety of international settings. You can also download a complete International Student Travel Handbook