Certificate in School Counseling

initial school counseling license

George Fox’s certificate in school counseling program is designed for those who already hold a master’s or doctoral degree in a mental health field and wish to pursue licensure in the school counseling profession.

The certificate program, or Preliminary School Counseling Licensure Preparation Program, allows you to blend your roles of mental health professional and educational leader for service as a school counselor.

Upon completion, you will…

  • Be equipped to facilitate students' personal/social, career and academic development through classroom guidance and both individual and group counseling
  • Develop skills as an educational leader who can effectively advocate for all students’ holistic well-being at individual and systemic levels
  • Be equipped to develop, implement and evaluate a comprehensive developmental school counseling program that aligns with the American School Counseling Association’s National Model
  • Be prepared to meet the requirements for the Preliminary School Counseling License as defined by the Oregon Teacher Standards and Practices Commission (TSPC)

The Preliminary School Counseling Licensure Preparation Program is generally two years in length with 32 semester hours of course work required as a minimum for graduation. Of those hours, three are in spiritual integration course work, 24 in prescribed school counseling core courses (which includes a 200-hour teaching practicum), and six internship hours.

Employment Outlook

Graduates of the program can expect favorable job prospects, according to US News & World Report, which ranked school counseling No. 9 on its "Best Social Services Jobs" list. In addition, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects employment growth of nearly 8 percent for this occupation by 2024.