Education Specialist (EdS) Degree in School Psychology

An educational psychologist works in the schools, doing testing, evaluating and discerning areas of need.

An education specialist (EdS) degree in school psychology prepares graduates to become a school psychologist, work in public and private schools, test and assess students, and analyze test results discerning need areas for children in Oregon and throughout the country.

Our programs are rooted in the belief that school psychologists:

  • Must understand the physiological, psychological, relational, spiritual, and educational needs of K-12 students
  • Should be able to articulate the core dynamics of school psychology in concert with sound theological principles
  • Need to be able to use appropriate individual and group testing and assessment tools in the areas of academic skills, learning aptitude, social skills, personality and emotional development
  • Assist in strengthening the working relationships between educators, parents, and community resources
  • Are aware of prevention services
  • Need to possess the skills for working with a variety of students of different ages, diverse backgrounds, and varied developmental stages, cognitive, emotional and physical abilities
  • Should be able to work with private, institutional, community, ecclesiastical, and cross-cultural issues
  • Should have foundational counseling skills


For those who want to obtain the Initial School Psychology License, George Fox University has been approved by the Oregon TSPC to offer an education specialist (EdS) degree to accompany the initial and continuing license preparation programs to prepare you to work with K-12 children, in public and private schools. You will learn how to test and assess students and analyze test results. You will be able to consult and collaborate with parents, teachers, administrators, and other professionals. The EdS degree will prepare students to sit for the Praxis II: School Psychologist specialization test.

Why Choose an EdS?

At George Fox, we offer the EdS in school psychology because it is more extensive preparation for school psychologists, provides necessary preparation to pursue licensure and a NCSP (Nationally Certified School Psychology) credential, and ensures that graduates can begin a career in school psychology.

Additionally, many employers prefer or require an EdS degree for school psychologists, and the EdS degree usually puts graduates at a higher pay scale. See the comparison between an MA in school psychology and an EdS below.

Master’s Level (MA) Specialist Level (EdS)
  • Less than 60 graduate semester hours; typically around 36 hours
  • Typically requires two years of full-time study at the graduate level
  • Usually no internship is required
  • Career options in school psychology are limited to none.
  • Not eligible for the NCSP (Nationally Certified School Psychology) Credential
  • Minimum of 60 graduate semester hours
  • Specialist-level degrees alert employers of your more extensive preparation
  • Three years of full-time study at the graduate level, including internship
  • 1,200-hour-full-time internship completed on a full-time basis over one year
  • Entry-level degree for school psychology leading to acceptance for certification or licensure to provide full professional practice within schools or educational settings
  • Eligible for the NCSP (Nationally Certified School Psychology) Credential
  • Usually puts graduates at a higher pay scale

For further detail, we encourage you to utilize this resource provided by NASP: Overview of Differences Among Degrees in School Psychology.


The George Fox University school psychology program is tracking current and future NASP (National Association of School Psychologists) standards and planning program changes accordingly so that future George Fox school psychology students will graduate from a NASP-approved program. Currently, our program covers content of the 10 NASP Practice Model Domains, so our graduates have been able to pursue and receive personal NASP certification after graduation.

Advantages of the George Fox School Psychology program:

  • Courses taught from a systemic perspective
  • Opportunity to interact with students who are pursuing other mental health professions
  • The combined expertise of the counseling, education and psychology departments
  • An environment that encourages the integration of faith and learning
  • Post-graduate certificates for additional employability and specialization
  • Full-time, accessible, widely trained faculty
  • A convenient Portland Center location
  • Flexible schedules  (day, evening and weekend classes) for working adults

Education Specialist Degree in School Psychology

Program length 3 to 4 years
Semester hours 61
Cost per semester hour $734*
Tuition cost for entire program $44,774*
Accreditation National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE); approved by Teacher Standards and Practices Commission (TSPC) of the state of Oregon
Format In-person
Location Portland Center (near Tigard)

*All stated financial information is subject to change.

NCATE Accredited