Trauma & Social Justice Conference

Oregon Trauma-Informed Schools: Gains, Constraints, & Next Steps

The 4th Annual Trauma & Social Justice Conference
Friday, September 8, 2017, 9am - 4pm
George Fox University - Portland (Tigard) Center

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Program Description

An alarming number of children experience significant trauma or chronic stress throughout childhood, manifesting in cognitive, social, physical, and emotional impairment. These challenges are expressed in the P-12 academic setting through difficulties with behavioral and emotional self-regulation, academic functioning, and physical ailments and illness. Advances in trauma-informed care, as applied to the school environment, have inspired new hope for educators who observe first-hand the learning challenges facing traumatized children.  

Oregon has joined with districts from around the country who are actively transitioning to trauma-informed school programming. This conference will explore our progress and constraints as we identify next steps. By listening to the unique experience and perspectives from around the state, our intent is to further resource each attendee to continue making strides towards benefiting from trauma-informed education systems. 

Our day will begin with a keynote panel consisting of experts in various elements of trauma-informed school programming, from front line educators to those involved with legislative support. We will then offer a series of small group gatherings focusing on an element of trauma-informed programing. As the group facilitators orient us to that topic, small group interaction will focus on how these concepts are present in your own work, and where you are observing gains and constraints as ideas from the group are generated. The day will conclude with all of us joining together once again in our large group as themes discussed throughout the day are summarized in an open forum.

Group Facilitators

Our small group discussions will be hosted by Oregon educators and allied professionals that will provide in depth description and assessment of the efficacy of their trauma-informed work with schools.

participant-working conference* for mental health, education, ministerial, social policy, public health & humanitarian aid professionals serving marginalized populations most vulnerable to chronic stress and trauma.


8:30am: Check In 12:00pm: Working Lunch
9:00am: Welcome 1:00pm: Small Group 2
9:10am: Keynote Panel 2:15pm: Small Group 3
10:30am: Break 3:15pm: Break
10:45am: Small Group Intro 3:30pm: Large Group
11:00am: Small Group 1

4:00pm: Adjourn 


Payment Options: Directions for payment are found within the form. Payment can be accepted online, by mail via check, or at the door (cash, card, or check).

*Students: If you are a current Graduate School of Counseling student and would like to attend this conference you may either register at the student rate via the above process or for elective credit by enrolling in TRMA 540 P1 via the registrar. 


Cost: $90 / person.
Group or Student Rate: $70 / person.

Groups: 3 or more people per agency, school, organization employees, or volunteers.
Students: Valid school ID required for conference admittance.

Optional Box Lunch: $10.50 (Regular, Gluten Free, or Vegan options.)

 Continuing Education Availability

CE certificates will be distributed. As a department within the School of Education at George Fox University, the Graduate School of Counseling (GSC) adheres to the educational standards set forth by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education. In addition, the GSC has been approved to provide continuing education (CEs) for the National Board of Certified Counselors. The GSC adheres to the continuing education guidelines of these organizations, and maintains responsibility for the program. This program may comply with additional organizations’ CE requirements upon content verification by the participant. Please retain program description and schedule for this purpose.

As an Approved Continuing Education Provider through the NBCC (#4447), the George Fox University Graduate School of Counseling will offer 6.5 CE Hours to participants in this conference, which are accepted by LPC, LMFT, LMHC, and LCSW Boards in  Oregon, Washington, and California.


Conference Organizers

Anna A. Berardi, Ph.D., Professor of Marriage & Family Therapy, & Director of the Trauma Response Institute
Keith Dempsey, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Counseling, Chair of the Graduate School of Counseling

Trauma & Social Justice Annual Conference

Held the 2nd week of September, the Trauma and Social Justice Conference is an annual event sponsored by the Trauma Response Institute at George Fox University. It is designed to promote and support the work of humanitarian aid, mental health, education, ministerial, and health care professionals dedicated to naming and responding to socio-cultural factors that increase stress and trauma among marginalized and vulnerable populations. Our gathering is a time to share research, programs, successes, and struggles for mutual support and furthering of our work toward building more safe, equitable, and resilient communities.

*What is a Participant-Working Conference?
Come ready to learn and share! The Trauma & Social Justice Conference recognizes that all of us are both learners and experts in effecting change. We strive to further challenge and deepen our work, as well as resource one another through guided discussions, including the sharing of our successes and challenges as new skills or calls to respond are identified.

Contact us at or 503.554.6065.

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