Life on Campus Meetings/Gathering Policy


The following guidelines are for university group functions outside of in-person classes that lead to a degree.

Note: Fitness and athletic gatherings have different guidelines.


Face Coverings

All participants in a gathering must wear face coverings.

Group Size

A maximum occupancy of each campus indoor area is listed in the university's room-reseration system.

Outdoor area occupancies should be computed using 35 square feet per person as a guide to determine maximum occupancy.

Physical Distancing

All gatherings must maintain physical distancing.

Members of the same party (maximum of 10 people) can participate in activities, stand in line together and do not have to stay six (6) feet apart. A distance of at least six (6) feet must be maintained between parties.

Assign a physical distancing monitor to ensure compliance with all distancing requirements, including at entrances, exits, restrooms and any other area where people may meet or crowd.