Life on Campus Accountability Response Fall 2020

COVID-19 Accountability Response 

The Bruin Pledge, the 2020 Community and Residence Life Health Addendum, and community policies outlined in the student handbook provide the framework for community expectations as we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes several behavioral expectations to help every member at George Fox stay safe and healthy.

We trust that all our members (faculty, staff and students) will ultimately take responsibility for their own health and safety and act in a manner that demonstrates respect and consideration for those around them.

We recognize that mistakes and oversights with compliance will likely occur. We understand that these changes are significant in a person’s day-to-day activity, and it may take time for new norms to be fully implemented.

Generally, issues with compliance will be addressed with care, understanding and information sharing. The overarching goal with compliance will be to de-escalate rather than intensify a situation.

Levels of Response

For students who do not comply with these policies, there are levels of response that are appropriate. Each situation is different and unique. Responses and consequences depend upon various considerations such as impact of the behavior, prior conduct history, and willingness to make the necessary changes to behavior.

Sanctions are educational in nature and intended to provide the student with an activity to increase his or her knowledge and perspective. It’s important to note that on-campus visitation violations are considered the same as COVID-19 violations and will be responded to with the same consequences outlined below.

Generally, outcomes of reported non-compliance may include:

  • Violation #1: Written warning and education
  • Violation #2: Formal meeting, education, consequences, and further violations may result in a suspension warning and parental contact
  • Violation #3: Suspension warning, parental contact, education, consequences, and further violations may result suspension or dismissal
  • Violation #4: Suspension (one or two semesters) or dismissal (permanent termination of student status)

Egregious Violations

Disregard for university policies may be deemed as an egregious violation and consequences may result in a suspension (one to two semesters) or dismissal (permanent termination of student status). Examples of this may include, but are not limited to:

  • Hosting gatherings where students are not abiding by physical distancing guidelines and/or are not wearing masks, or
  • Repetitive disregard for abiding by the university's policies when instructed to do so by university personnel