English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Specialization

The English as a Second Language/Bilingual (ESOL) specialization program is for classroom teachers preparing to meet the needs of the increasing ELL population. Courses are designed to increase pedagogy, methodology, and cultural awareness related to instruction for ELL students in elementary or secondary school.


Students may declare ESOL/Bilingual as a specialization within their Master of Education program or complete the specialization courses as an endorsement-only candidate to be recommended for an ESOL/Bilingual endorsement on their teaching license.

In addition to the course requirements, including a practicum, the candidate for the ESOL/Bilingual endorsement must also successfully complete the National Evaluation Test (NES) for ESOL/Bilingual Specialists in order to be recommended for licensure. The course work for this specialty has been designed to provide a broad base of understanding about successful ESOL/Bilingual methods, programs and assessments, as well as to prepare the individual to successfully complete the ESOL Specialist Exam.

Note: Students can add the bilingual category to the ESOL/Bilingual Endorsement by showing competency in a second language approved by TSPC.  Successful completion of the NES test for the language chosen is required.

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Kipp Wilfong

Kipp Wilfong

Admissions Counselor, Graduate Education Programs